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Newsbites January 24, 2011

The USCIS Adopts a Less Paper Intensive Method for Filing

The USCIS has opted to move from a paper based filing system to an electronic based one. This has been termed the USCIS Transformation. Among the expected goals of this initiative are accuracy in filing information, efficiency in processing applications and the ability to track applications. To read more:

Election Effects on Civics Test Answers for Naturalization Applicants After January 5, 2011

The results of the recent election have led to a change in the answers required by Naturalization applications on their Civics test. Given the challenging content of many of the questions on this test, it is important that Naturalization applicants become knowledgeable about the changed answers. For more see:

Help Haiti Act 2010 Offers Green Cards to Hatian Orphans Paroled in the United States

The catastrophic earthquake which shook the small island of Haiti on January 12, 2010, left nearly 1, 000, 000 Haitian natives homeless, including numerous orphaned children. With the Help Haiti Act of 2010, these orphaned children will have an opportunity to restart their lives in America. Click here for more:

Martin Luther King had a Dream and so too does Obama: The DREAM Act

President Obama continues to advocate for Immigration law reform through The DREAM Act. This Act’s failure to pass in the Senate on December 18, 2010, does not negate the dream of many that the Act will ultimately materialize into an approved bill passed by both houses of Congress. View more here:

Study Reveals that Low-Skilled Immigration Offers Benefits to National Economy

The Migration Policy Institute has discovered that immigrants who are unskilled actually benefit the U.S. economy by keeping goods and service competitively priced. Since the role assumed by this populous in the workforce would presumably not be fulfilled by the local population, the immigration of unskilled labour allows for goods and services to be more affordable by keeping wages lower. See more at:

The Shooting of Gifford Stifles the Immigration Debate

The moderate views of Senator Gifford were expected to offer a balance in the Immigration law debate. Gifford’s political views were held to be more consistent with Obama’s agenda for Immigration law reform. Her unfortunate shooting has created a precarious climate in view of the fate of Immigration in America. Take a look here for more:

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